Who buys properties in Tirana.

July 22, 2020

According to statistics published by INSTAT, a few days ago in the first quarter of 2019, a total of 245 construction permits were approved for new buildings, out of 221 permits approved in the first quarter of 2018, marking an increase of 10.9%. The area of ​​construction permits approved for new buildings, in the first quarter of 2019, is about 581,236 m2, from about 200,944 m2 approved in the first quarter of 2018, marking an increase of about 2.9 times. Of course, the main part of these construction permits is occupied by Tirana, which at the beginning of this year, closely related to this and the local elections that will take place in the Capital. In almost all of its territory, construction permits have been issued for residential complexes with apartments, villas or a combination of residence and service, mainly Hotel and Office. Currently, the construction, as mentioned above, as well as the public engineering works that the state has tendered and is implementing play a key role in the development of the country’s economy. BUT WHO BUYS APARTMENTS, VILLAS, OFFICES IN TIRANA? In fact, this is a question that Real Estate Agencies in Tirana give explicit answers to, regarding this and the statistics they keep in relation to the transactions they perform month after month. The first are young couples who in one way or another have chosen to leave “Parental Care” and start their own families. The soft loans that the Municipality of Tirana approved for the subsidy of these young families for the purchase of apartments in the First Quarter gave impetus to the development of the real estate market in Tirana. Second in line are immigrants who see Tirana as a good investment opportunity for themselves and their families. Having a house in Tirana is their dream, as a start to rent it for investment and later to live there alone. The third are the citizens of the districts of Albania who see Tirana as a good opportunity to live a part of life, as well as a good opportunity for the education of their children, as almost the elite education in Albania, whether public or private is concentrated in Tirana. The fourth are the individuals with good economic income, who see the possibility of investing in Real Estate as added value to increase their wealth. Most of them buy apartments or villas in good areas as a good investment opportunity for rent. In the end for a period of several years the investment is returned to them while the value of the apartment or villa they have bought has increased. Recently, most of the Wealthy Elite in Albania are looking for a high standard of living and have found this in residential complexes with villas being built on the outskirts of Tirana. Most are choosing to live there, but it should not be left without mentioning that buying a large villa or apartment in these complexes is seen as a good investment opportunity. For more apartments for sale in Tirana http://century21metropol.al/search?action=advanced&NatureTypeIDName%5B%5D=Apartment The same situation is for Commercial Premises such as offices and Land. Most institutions looking for land to buy in the capital investment phase to increase their production capacity. The same thing happens with offices, but it should not be left without mentioning that most of them are bought by individuals or companies as a good investment opportunity. According to a study conducted a few years ago, Tirana and Albania as a whole had a significant lack of beds in terms of Hospitality, and for this in the capital have been given building permits for hotels more concentrated in its historic center. Most of the leading brands in the world have announced that in the next three years they will open their branches in 5-star hotels in Tirana. According to statistics, the number of tourists from year to year in Albania has been increasing and this is seen by builders as a good opportunity to develop such projects in the capital and the country. For more: http://century21metropol.al/search?action=advanced&NatureTypeIDName%5B%5D=Commercialhttp://century21metropol.al/search?action=advanced&NatureTypeIDName%5B%5D=Mixed+Land Trust your property and investment Imobil of Century 21 Metropol who are Dedicated to Quality and Service for you.