July 22, 2020

In these hot summer days when everyone heads to the beaches to relax, you are probably thinking of investing in a property on the coast.

Below is a panorama of where it is being built: After the revival of the real estate market in the country, the construction on the coast took a great development. Many of the mistakes of the past, spontaneous construction and no long-term development plans by local and central institutions on the one hand, as well as the vision of construction companies, are now being replaced by structured investment plans that go on time. The development zones approved by the Albanian Government are now almost clear to any investor who will build on the coast. In this context, the Albanian government undertook an initiative that every property located in these areas is undergoing a process of verification of property titles to precede the development of territories in the shortest possible time and with fewer problems for foreign investors. The legal framework has been perfected over the years to the extent that the only development permits that can be approved by the competent authorities are those of service mixes to the construction of 5-star hotels. In addition to the legal framework that is perfected every day, investors have drafted with specialized companies in the field also strategies on who will be the buyers, the typology of constructions, and whether buying a property on the coast is really a good investment opportunity. They are also investing large sums in the quality of construction on the one hand and greenery, infrastructure, etc. inside the complexes, on the other hand. In this context most of them are now spread over large areas of land and with a panoramic view to the sea. But where is it being built on the coast? This is a question that Real Estate Agencies in the country and especially Century 21 Metropol have the right answer for you. They have for all customers the necessary information and the best prices in the market. It is currently being built on the Thales Coast with a large residential complex with different surface typologies. You can choose the apartment, the villa you want. Century 21 Albania manages an important portfolio of properties in this resort. Such constructions are being built and the Shengjin coast will also start to be built. Further south is being built in Lalzi Bay, an area not far from Tirana and the airport where prestigious Albanian and foreign companies are in the final stages of investment. Suffice it to mention San Pietro Resort, Lura, Perla Resort and in a large area finds diversity and different typologies of properties. We have the right solution for you. Contact: A great development is taking place on the Ionian coast and the Albanian Riviera, where the largest construction of this field is being built by Mane TCI. Green Coast resort lies on a large area of ​​land and with different typologies of apartments and villas up to the 5 star hotel which is expected to be an added value for the place. Also, other companies such as Eurocol, Gjikuria, etc. are building their resorts, but not to the extent of the above. In continuation, other large foreign and domestic companies have expressed great interest in the Albanian coast. They are in the final stages of obtaining the permit and soon many new quality constructions will be tangible for all of us. Quality constructions are being done everywhere and if you have decided to invest in these resorts, contact our offices and the expertise of our agents to get the best price and variety of choices.